Ultimate Interviews

Ultimate Interviews

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Let There Be Rock

The decision to make the two hour trek to Cobourg was an easy one to make. When you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to catch an incredible live band, you take it regardless of distance. Previous shows of 'Hell N Back' have been nothing short of brilliant. (Read first review here). "The Ultimate Canadian AC/DC Tribute" consists of five amazing musicians who go full force from the first song to the closing song. Last night in Cobourg demonstrated why these guys are elite in their field.

The location, 'Franks Pasta & Grill' may not have had a stage per se, but that didn't stop the guys from utilizing the area. The restaurant is decorated brightly with an impressive lighting system, fog machine, spotlights and projection created designs. Various vinyl albums are suspended throughout the area, as well as album covers displayed on the wall. The wait staff were friendly and accommodating, Overall the establishment was very welcoming. The location of the stage area separated the two seating areas, but this layout was trivial to vocalist James and guitarist Kyle who both proceeded to explore throughout the seating areas and at times joining the dancers who occupied the small dance floor in front of the band.

Marty's hypnotic bass kicked off the night with what seems to have become their opening number 'Livewire'. Following soon thereafter by Jeff's guitar and Garry's drums. Before long Kyle took the lead, in true Angus Young style, complete with signature SG and schoolboy outfit. James took to the microphone with confidence and great prowess and like previous shows was entertaining to observe as he assumed the task of portraying the legendary Bon Scott and Brian Johnson.

As the band proceeded through their setlist, the electricity in the building began to increase. The dance floor began to fill up and everyone was clearly having a great time.  Hard not to, with these guys. They engage the audience, include them and in return the crowd is left wanting more, even at times not letting them get off the stage.

After a short break, they picked up where they left off. The songs kept coming and everyone was having an amazing time.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and last night was no different. They would play one more song that would end the night with a bang, quite literally. The familiar intro to 'For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)' echoed throughout Frank's.

Their energy and enthusiasm was just as strong and evident during this last song, as it was during the first opening number. The two sets contained hits as well as the hidden gems. They make it a point to cover as much of the catalog as time permits. The mention of new songs possibly being added to shows in the near future is enticing. It's remarkable that with each show, they exhibit a stronger group dynamic and that is conspicuous in their performances.
 What the future holds for 'Hell N Back'  will be dependent on the fi musicians who make up the band. With their dedication, passion and ability to continually hone their crafts, the sky is the limit.

I would like to specially thank James, Jeff, Marty, Kyle and Garry for always being so welcoming and down to earth guys. Every show is a wondrous time, filled with great music and lots of laughs. I wish nothing but the best for these guys. They are some of the hardest working musicians I know and deserve all the success that will be coming their way. I am proud to call them friends.

If you would like to keep up to date on future gigs, media and news on 'Hell N Back', be sure to follow them on Facebook.
Official Hell N Back Facebook Page

James Alcock - Vocals
Jeff Collins - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Marty Portier - Bass/Backing Vocals
Kyle Cyr - Guitar
Garry Lennox - Drums

Some photos provided by Lisa Allan.

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