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Ultimate Interviews

Thursday, April 9, 2015


For the last three years, it's been no secret that I've supported and become friends with a local Led Zeppelin tribute act. Last night, (March 27, 2015),  I was fortunate to have checked out another local area Zep tribute band and I have to say, it's always amazing how not one, but two amazing bands can win you over. Not a stranger to Schuey's Bar & Grill in Toronto, a friend and I decided to head out to see Zepology. This was our first time seeing them and we were both heading to the bar with slight trepidation. Not wanting to compare the two bands, or label one better than the other, we were open minded and looking forward to a night of great music. We were not disappointed. The band was tight, sounded amazing and were really friendly to talk to as well. I am honoured to share this review and spread the word about this great group of musicians.  

Founded in June 2012, Zepology make a name for themselves by performing one of the most iconic live albums: 'The Song Remains the Same'. Along with the masterpieces from that album, they also include key songs from the rest of Zep's catalogue. Calling Toronto home, Zepology consists of four amazing musicians: 

Nello Virdo                            Garry McDougall                               Chris Henry                                Tim Haynes

When the soundcheck can rock the roof off the place, it's a good sign that the show itself is going to be amazing. The small concert back room at Schuey's began to fill up with eager Zeppelin fans wanting to get the Led out. When Zepology took the stage it was a magical moment. These guys could rock and gave it their all to represent the music of the legendary band.

As a frontman, Nello combines the stage persona of a Mick Jagger with the strong vocals of the Golden God himself, Robert Plant. It was entertaining to watch him belt out those classics. His tone and pitch were spot on and his range is quite impressive. He approached the songs with what seemed like ease and appeared to be quite comfortable on stage. 

When required for the softer songs, like 'The Rain Song' and 'Stairway to Heaven' for example, Nello demonstrated his range as well as control of his 'instrument'.

During the vocally demanding songs like 'Kashmir', 'Since I've Been Loving You', 'Immigrant Song', and 'Nobody's Fault But Mine', Nello effortlessly hit the high notes, held onto them and would have made Plant proud indeed.

With each song, Nello demonstrated his talent and gave the fans what they went to Schuey's to see, a night of great music and good times.

Watch 'Nobody's Fault But Minehere
Watch 'Kashmirhere

Being the drummer of any Zeppelin tribute band could be a bit intimidating. Having the responsibility of filling the mighty big shoes that John Bonham wore could be a daunting task, but to Chris, he faces it full force and is a beast himself behind the drumkit. An incredibly powerful drummer all while having control and not just flailing arms. 

With great stamina, he kept the 'beat' for every song throughout the two sets.  It was almost tiring to watch him. He played with intensity when required, yet could pull back a bit, and play with a more gentle feel when necessary. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see him perform 'Moby Dick', but I hope at future shows it will be added, as I'm confident that he would do Bonzo proud. 

Watch 'The Lemon Song' here
Watch 'Ramble Onhere


Handling both the bass and keyboards, Tim skillfully assumes the dual roles proudly in Zepology. When the song requires it, he sits down behind the keyboard and begins to hypnotize the audience. During the haunting and mysterious textures of 'No Quarter', Tim shines and carries the song, just as John Paul Jones was revered for.

Equally important is Tim's bass playing. The rhythmic grooves permeated the small back room, which was filled with Zep fans who were all having an amazing time.

Watch 'No Quarterhere
Watch 'We're Gonna Groove/Good TImes, Bad Timeshere

Some may agree with me, that the key component to any Zeppelin tribute band is the guitar. One can't overlook the amazing riffs and solos that Jimmy created specifically for Zep's music. For a guitarist to pull it off, not only do they need the technical skill but the stage presence that Jimmy would exude while on stage. For Zepology, Garry assumes that role and along with great skill he has no trouble replicating both Mr. Page's playing style as well as that presence while on stage. Whether it's the hard hitting guitar riffs of 'Black Dog' or the soft, intricate playing on the doubleneck for 'The Rain Song' or 'Stairway to Heaven', Garry delivers each note with precision and accuracy. His playing on 'Since I've Been Loving You' made me a true fan. Highlights were definitely the performance of 'How Many More Times' that included the addition of 'Rosie' and 'Hunter', as well as an incredible bowing on the Les Paul.  Staying true to the soundtrack, 'Whole Lotta Love' along with its theremin squeals followed 'Heartbreaker'.

Watch 'Since I've Been Loving Youhere 
Watch 'How Many More Times/Bow Solohere

As the music continued, the crowd showed their appreciation by cheering after every song, demanding more songs and singing along. Everyone was having a great time and Zepology was the reason why.

As the show came to an end and the house lights were turned on, I took the opportunity to approach the band members and compliment them on an amazing performance. I found out earlier in the day that I shared a mutual friend with both Tim and Garry, who actually recommended the show to me. It was nice speaking with Garry and getting a closer look at his guitars, especially the beloved doubleneck. After speaking a bit with Chris, I found out that he had done some past work with The White.  Like their bandmembers, both Tim and Nello were very friendly and approachable. 

Overall, the night was amazing. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend Zepology to any Led Zeppelin fan. They know the music, enjoy playing it and respect the music and what it means to fans. They are not only incredible musicians but very nice guys to speak with as well.

If you have the opportunity to see them, be sure to drop in and get the Led out with Zepology.

You can keep up to date on tour dates and other information on the following links:

Official Facebook Page
Official Website

Thanks to Zepology for a rock and roll filled evening. It was my honour to take in the show and meet you all. Looking forward to future shows.

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