Ultimate Interviews

Ultimate Interviews

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Selective Soul

I was first introduced to 'Selective Soul' thanks to bassist Tony Cappello. I had the honour of meeting Tony, who played at the very first 'Hell N Back' show I attended in February 2015. Excitedly, a friend and I headed to 'Stonewalls' in Hamilton. We were no strangers to the place, having previously seen the Led Zeppelin tribute band 'Coda' there.

Stonewalls has an ingenious set up. The stage is raised off the floor, allowing both the band and the audience an unobstructed view of each other. It's a friendly atmosphere and you feel comfortable being there. The wait staff are cordial and welcoming. Stonewalls' sound system can really accentuate any band's sound. The lighting was also impressive. Overall, Stonewalls is a great place to check out live entertainment and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a night out. 
As this was my second time seeing 'Selective Soul', I was already familiar with what their show was going to be like. Having previously been a Collective Soul tribute band, they have since expanded their repertoire with various artists from all genres, but still retain some Collective Soul songs. Despite personnel changes, this line up appears strong and fully capable of handling the demanding setlists. First and foremost, they give the audience an amazing, high energy, music filled night. As I mentioned, the songs they perform, cross all genres and decades, making for a very eclectic mix of songs. Collectively they deliver a high energy performance spread over two sets. It is quite remarkable to see the seamless transition from The Beatles, Johnny Cash,The Tragically Hip, Billy Idol to Big and Rich.
Tony Cappello (Bass), Nick Benjamin (Drums), Brian Sokolich (Vocals), Gene Murray (Guitar)

Individually, they are superb musicians. With each show, they hone their craft. Once they hit the stage, they become like one. Each instrument, including vocals, compliment each other. They possess the chemistry and respect for each other that is required to make a band work. The down to earth personalities, sense of humour and genuine friendliness along with their musical prowess, results in everyone having a wonderful time at a 'Selective Soul' show.
You can't help but watch in amazement while Brian is performing.
The dance moves, microphone stand twirling, hand gestures that coincide with the lyrics, he definitely gives it 100% when on stage.
He commands the stage with confidence and enthusiasm, not to mention his harmonica playing is quite impressive.

He is one of the most energetic singers I've seen since Mick Jagger.
Being a Tragically Hip fan, I am blown away by his performances of their songs.
Watch Video: Ahead By A Century
Tony is an incredible bass player. He maintains consistent dynamics while playing. 
The bass can be quite hypnotic and Tony contributes to that with his approach to each song.
Always with a smile on his face, he's a very warm and friendly guy.
Watch Video: New Orleans Is Sinking
Watch Video: Little Bones

Watch Video: Keep Your Hands To Yourself
Watch Video: Born To Be Wild
What Nick brings to the band by ways of his drumming is nothing short of brilliant. Having the responsibility of having to sustain the rhythm and beat of the band, Nick delivers by being a strong, powerful drummer. He effortlessly maintains the groove, all while having precision and finesse.
Watch Video: Mustang Sally (with Allanah on vocals)

It's fascinating to watch Gene and his guitar on stage. Visually it seems quite effortless. By sound, it is anything but ordinary.
A remarkable player as well as vocalist. He fearlessly approaches the solos and executes them with great skill.
It's evident that he's comfortable in his role and the dedication to his craft comes through his playing.

Watch Video: Folsom Prison Blues
Watch Video: Roadhouse Blues

Throughout the night, they continued to deliver hit song after hit song. As their website describes: "Dance-able Classic to Current Rock to '80's New Wave to New Country with an Edge." The audience was enjoying themselves, the energy feeding back on stage to the guys. At one point, Allanah, a waitress at Stonewalls, joined the band on stage and delivered a mesmerizing rendition of 'Mustang Sally'. As the end of the night approached, the crowd kept demanding 'one more song'. They ended their show when Gene took the mic for 'I Saw Her Standing There'.

It was a very enjoyable night. We had a great time chatting with the guys. Four extremely talented musicians entertained the audience and kept the mood at Stonewalls rocking all night.  They demonstrated their passion for the music all while having respect for the songs that they were covering. While they stayed true to the original song, they enhanced the tunes with their own unique style and personality.
With over fifty songs currently in their catalog, and new songs being added regularly, it's pretty sure that no matter how often you see the band, you will be sure to hear different songs. It may be daunting to some to get into a cover band, but these four men seem right at home on stage and performing for audiences whenever they can. I look forward to the next show and recommend 'Selective Soul' to any music fan.

I would like to thank Brian, Tony, Nick and Gene for not only providing some great entertainment but for their friendship and always being welcoming to their shows.

These guys have a busy schedule and you can usually find them playing around Southern Ontario weekly.

For more information about Selective Soul, be sure to check them out on:
Official Selective Soul Website
Official Selective Soul Facebook

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