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Ultimate Interviews

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Rose Cora Perry

Mystery Man Photography

Mystery Man Photography
Rose Cora Perry is no stranger to stages throughout North America.  Having played to audiences as large as 500,000, she can still connect on many levels to her fans and continues to lend her name to causes that mean a great deal to her.  But, who is Rose Cora Perry? For starters, she is a Musician, Songwriter, Model, Activist, Spokesperson, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The London, Ontario native has a resume that reads for someone beyond her years. Barely in her thirties, Rose has accomplished more than some only can dream of.

​​Before she was ten, she had classical voice lessons and wrote her first song. As a teenager she not only began winning modelling awards, starring in music videos, but founded her own record label and taught herself how to play the guitar. Out of her teens she was performing at reputable festivals such as Vans Warped Tour and Wakefest. She's had her music licensed to MTV and Mazda. Aside from her music career, she graduated with honours from both Fanshawe College and the University of Western Ontario and even has a black belt in Karate.

Rose has been performing on stages throughout Canada and the United States for the last six years. She's been an honourary guest to the Grammy Awards, has had her music played on countless radio stations and appeared on both Fanshawe TV and Rogers Daytime TV. You can read Rose's complete list of achievements on her Official Website.

In anticipation of the release of Rose's sophomore album 'Onto the Floor', she has released two videos to promote the singles 'Away I Go' and 'Six Feet Under'.

The music video trilogy begins with 'Away I Go'. It tells the story of a young and upcoming musician, who has the support of her partner (played by bandmate Tyler Randall), or so it seems. The video combines footage of the songstress auditioning for music executives to a dramatic visual of the heartbroken leading lady sprawled on the floor among scattered rose petals and broken glass.

Watch 'Away I Go'

Her haunting vocals compliment the lyrics and it's quite evident that what Rose has is something very special and makes her one of a kind.

It is with great honour to have had the opportunity to have Rose answer a few questions for our website. 

They say music can cross borders. Your music seems to draw from many genres. Swing, pop, punk, rock. Do you feel this is an important attribute for an artist to be so flexible when it comes to their craft?

Mystery Man Photography
RCP: Absolutely! I feel the best artists are ones who are diverse in their tastes and influences: recognizing that there is something valuable and inspiring in all art forms. While I obviously have my favourites when it comes to bands (and genres!), I think the only way to evolve as an artist and songwriter is to be ever expansive when it comes to what one draws their creativity from. Further, I think it’s important to challenge oneself as an artist and being open to new ideas, concepts and noises allows you to do just that!

​Your resume is quite impressive, from businesswoman, entertainer, model, musician, do you find it hard to juggle which hat you are going to be wearing at any given time?
​You must have been told you're a role model for many young women, or people of any age. How does that make you feel?

RCP: Indeed. The work-life-fun balance, I think, is likely difficult if not seemingly unattainable at times, to most. It’s even more difficult when as a musician/entrepreneur, you need to still work a conventional 9-5 to fund one’s dreams.

The reality is that most independent artists, such as myself, work two full-time jobs (ie: one to pay the bills and one to fulfill one’s spirit); accordingly sleep deprivation and a limited social life are very real things. However, when you’re doing what you love, it makes it worthwhile. Big dreams require sacrifice and hard work. There are no two ways about it.
With respect to being denoted a “rolemodel”, let me first say I am incredibly grateful for the many amazing people I’ve had in my own life who’ve inspired and encouraged me to reach for the stars, including, above all my mom.

She’s a remarkable woman and I truly couldn’t have accomplished a good deal of what I have without her by my side, helping me navigate both the highs and lows of the biz.
I merely hope to pay this positivity forward and help others (men and women alike, hopefully) through the power of music.

Your album 'Onto the Floor' is about to be released next month. What can your fans expect from this collection of songs? Can you also describe a bit of the writing process for this album, for example, influences, events or inspirations for the songs.
RCP: I would say that “Onto the Floor” represents me finding myself and my “true” sound as an artist. In my former bands, while I was the songwriter, the other members brought their influences into the equation when we all added our respective parts and in the process, the songs took different directions from what I had originally conceived. My first solo album too was highly experimental as I was in a very emotional state when I wrote/recorded it. I was still coming to grips with the breakup of Anti-Hero and the loss of that part of my life and identity. I don’t think I was fully ready to accept my fate as a “solo artist” and so I struggled in terms of trying to find myself/my “sound”.
Onto the Floor”, on the other hand, is unconventional BUT unapologetically so. While its direction changed several times along the way (ie: I worked on it for four years), I really couldn’t be happier with the result and honestly feel it’s my most authentic work.

Mystery Man Photography

It’s both hard and soft, aggressive and melodic, vulnerable yet strong – it’s multi-faceted and diverse just as I am as a person and a musician. I really strove with this album, in particular, to tie my roots as a classically trained vocalist into my rock’n’roll aesthetic. I worked with some incredibly talented session players and to bring things full circle, I hired the very same mastering engineer who made Anti-Hero’s “Unpretty” shine.

As far as what influenced this album? Well, life as it were! There’s definitely a lot of material which reflects on my experiences in the music biz as well as tales of lost love and betrayal. ​

​But on the converse there are also songs which celebrate the beauty of loving someone and being “in love”, as well as tunes about finding the strength within yourself to keep moving forward in times of despair.

I truly hope it resonates with people and that they hear/feel pieces of themselves in it.
You’ve worked with some non-profit organizations, how do you feel that someone in your position can help with these causes?
RCP: I think irrespective of one’s position or role(s) in life, you can ALWAYS help. There will always be others who are less fortunate who could use your assistance in some capacity. Every little bit makes a difference.
I think as someone who is in the media, it’s important to set a positive example and give back where you can. I enjoy lending my talents as a Speaker, Emcee and Performer to various non-for-profit events and encourage other artists to do so!

​Your three visions are: To Inspire, Provoke Thought, To Relate. Do you feel that with your words and music you are in fact accomplishing those visions?

RCP: All I can say is that I’m trying. I’ll leave it up to my listeners to decide if I’ve accomplished these goals.

​With everything you have already successfully accomplished, is there still anything on your 'bucket list' that you are hoping to one day cross off?

RCP: Oh so so so many things! I’d LOVE to share the stage with Steven Tyler – lending my vox to his, harmony-style. I’d LOVE to tour Europe. I’d LOVE to perform in a stadium to hundreds of thousands of people. I’d LOVE to perform on a late show. I’d LOVE to have a hit single.

The “bucket list” for any aspiring musician knows no bounds as our heads are always up in the stars.

What does it mean to you to be a Canadian artist?

RCP: It means being able to follow in the footsteps of many amazing talents like Alanis, Tegan & Sara, Matt Good, Loreena McKennitt, The Killjoys, The Gandharvas and so so many others!
Mystery Man Photography

I am grateful to have the support of my fellow Canucks and am thankful for all of the opportunities living in this great country has afforded me.​
To commemorate the release of her second single from 'Onto The Floor', Rose has released her newest video for  'Six Feet Under'.  The story is a continuation from the beautiful, yet betraying 'Away I Go'.

After being double crossed by her partner, our songstress pours out her heart from a satin lined coffin. Once again, the art direction marries both monochrome with the rich, dramatic red of Rose's jeweled dress.

Watch "Six Feet Under"
The viewer is also let in to possibly one of Rose's own personal influences. The last few lines pay homage to The Offspring's 'Gone Away'.  "..and it feels like Heaven's so far away."

It definitely leaves us anxiously waiting for the next chapter in this music video trilogy.
It's been a pleasant journey getting to know all about Rose's career. It's hard to deny that here is someone that can be an incredible role model to both young women and men, in fact women and men of all ages. Despite her already extensive list of achievements, she hasn't let it gone to her head. With the skill of story telling like fellow Canadian Alanis Morrisette, paired with the emotion provoking vocals like Norah Jones, Rose may draw from influences, but she's truly one of a kind with an incredible talent that we all are blessed to be able to witness via many multimedia channels.

She's proud of what she's done, where she's from and has some clear ideas of where she wants to go and what next to accomplish. She possesses a strong identity and is not afraid to put herself out there to do what she feels is the best for both her personal and public life. 
I wish to thank Rose for her participation in this interview. It has definitely been an honour. I wish her nothing but all the success in her future endeavors.

Special thanks to Riley Allen, from HER Records for organizing this interview and for providing all photographs from Mystery Man Photography, that have been used in this writeup.
​To Pre-Order 'Onto the Floor' and purchase other keepsakes:  HERE

To find out where Rose and The Truth Untold are performing next:  HERE

To keep up to date on Rose and The Truth Untold, be sure to follow her on social media and sign up for her newsletter on her website.

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