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Friday, August 12, 2016

BigMotorGasoline - Fuel To Burn- Album review

Courtesy of BMG
1. Change Your Mind
2. BYOT (Bring Your Own Truck)
3. Lately
4. Gwb
5.Dirty Politician
6. Borderline
7. Put It On Me
8. Vodka
9. Rain
10. Peace Of Mind
11. I Don't Care

Label: MondoTunes
Recorded at: SlyFi Chapel - Trenton, ON
​Released: June 2016

It's always a pleasant surprise when new music lands in your hands, and despite slight trepidation, you give it a listen, then two, then three, and ultimately you realize it's an incredible ensemble of songs, and soon becomes a favorite in your collection.

'Fuel To Burn', the debut album by Marmora's BigMotorGasoline (BMG), is exactly that. I was fortunate to receive a download of the album, and it has since become one of my favorites. So who are BigMotorGasoline?​

Dave, Brandon, John, Roger. Photo courtesy of BMG
Formed in the Fall of 2014 in a small town North of Belleville, Ontario, BigMotorGasoline consists of:

Dave Haywood (drums),
Brandon Tapper (bass/vocals),
John Freitas (vocals/guitar), and
Roger Dafoe (lead guitars).

Since then, BMG has written and recorded their debut album and with the convenience of self promotion via the internet, they have utilized this tool and numerous online radio stations are now spinning their tunes.

The album kicks off with an in-your-face 'Change Your Mind'. It is a combination of strong vocals, guitars, bass and drums that sets the tone of the album. From this very first song, it's clear they mean business. These guys love to rock and it's a perfect example to lure the listener into their album and keep them there.
Their first single 'Vodka' has been played as locally as Hamilton, Kingston, Montreal and as far as Australia and the United Kingdom, not to mention various cities throughout the United States.

Watch Video: Vodka
It's definitely a shot (pun intended) of great rock and roll. John's vocals are clear and straightforward, while the instruments are all complimentary to each other, including the backing vocals. 
I can see how this track would garner some airplay and great praise from Kingston's Q108 and Peterborough's The Wolf 101.5.
It makes you wonder why you are not hearing this track or any of their others more on mainstream radio, where they do belong.
The first time I listened to the songs, I instantly heard a comparison to fellow Canadian rockers Monster Truck as well as Texas rocker Tyler Bryant .  The guitar driven rock with a touch of country is evident in such tracks as 'BYOT', 'Lately' and 'Put It On Me'.  They are great rock and roll songs that I couldn't imagine people not getting up to dance to at their live shows.

'Fuel To Burn' is a fast moving CD. Southern rock feel, good time rock and roll, yet it does have the element of acoustic rock as well with personal favorites 'Peace of Mind' and 'Borderline'.

The tracks hold up remarkably well on their own, as well as a collective group. I could see these tunes getting air play alongside Glorious Sons, One Bad Son, The Black Crowes and many others who are in that genre of music.
If there was any confusion that they might be a country rock band, 'Dirty Politician' melts your face off and proves that these guys do know how to rock.  

​The guitar comes in quick and heavy, setting the mood for the rest of the song.

Personally, the track's guitar riff is reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz's 'Always on The Run'.

Watch Video: Dirty Politician

Ironically, intentional or not, it is followed by 'GWB', a nineteen second snippet of the former US President George W. Bush speaking.
Majority of the songs are radio friendly, but I think the real place these songs would shine are on the stage. 'Rain', for example, I could see being one of those songs that crowds would be asking for at live performances. It's a fantastic song and showcases how this quartet can work together and put out something simply enjoyable to listen to.

Closing out the album, much like how they opened, is 'I Don't Care'. It's another in your face rock song. Once you have reached this track you look back with fondness and realize that you just listened to something brilliant and find yourself hitting repeat for an encore.
Photo courtesy of BMG
BigMotorGasoline has successfully crossed genres with 'Fuel To Burn'. They have incorporated everything from heavy rock, country rock, acoustic and released it as a CD that everyone should have in their collection. It's a melting pot of all things that radio stations need these days.

This relatively new band may have a way to go, but they are unequivocally on the right track. By playing some shows already, they have been building their fan base. 

I have to say 'Fuel To Burn' is a great album. On a larger scale, it has something for everyone and I highly recommend any music lover to check it out. You won't be disappointed.
Special thanks to Stuart Roberts for the information, photos and links. Stay tuned to an official website, but for now you can learn more about BigMotorGasoline, and where they're playing, more photos and info on their:
Official Facebook Page
Check them out on their:
Official Reverbnation Profile
Videos found at:
Official YouTube Channel

You can purchase 'Fuel To Burn' starting August 13, 2016 at:
BMG on Amazon

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